From early childhood on I've had the gift of investing myself, almost inserting my mind into the fictional world. As a teen this manifested into a [some would say unhealthy] obsession with television shows - and to some degree books, movies and games. My creative abilities lead to the making of fanvideos, the writing of fanfiction and the drawing of fanart. My obsession pulled me into the world of conventions, where I was given the opportunity to encounter and interact with many of the people responsible for bringing so many of my obsessions to life.

The combination of those two worlds - one fictional, the other one very much real - has resulted in the much appropriately named; Dream Universe - a collective of my creative contributions and a testament of my great fortune as a fan.


The navigation should be pretty straightforward and the theme can be changed at any point while browsing [although I recommend not changing themes on pages where you intend to use the 'back'-link as it then would undo the theme-change rather than taking you back to the previous page].

Also, while I may not label my themes with the site name or clutter my images with an ugly watermark it does not mean they are up for grabs. I do hope the webmasters among my visitors have pride enough to refrain from stealing my content for their own websites. My content is by most part created by me [apart from where professional photographers have been involved, where I have given proper credit], and should you want to use some of it, I highly urge you to contact me directly to ask my permission. I check my e-mail on a more or less daily basis.

gmb_loves_angel [at] hotmail [dot] com

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