I am quite a lucky television fan. Through the means of conventions, signing events and a couple of chance encounters, I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people. The following is a list of who, where I met them, and some of the shows they have appeared in. Note that I've chosen to highlight roles that are more familiar to me, you might not agree with my choice in "most known for".

I am in the progress of adding the story behind each encounter, so if a name has been made clickable, that means there's a story. How long and detailed they are depend on my own personal history with each person.

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  Echo-1 London, Uk May, 2010
1 Enver Gjokai Victor Dollhouse
2 Fran Kranz Topher Dollhouse
3 Dichen Lachman Sierra Dollhouse
4 Miracle Laurie Mellie Dollhouse
5 Christopher May Musician Uke Box Heroes
6 Tahmoh Penikett Helo Battlestar Galactica
7 Jonathan M. Woodward Knox Angel

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