I have my fanfics posted several places on the web, but thought it would be nice to also have them available on my personal site as well, just in case. I'm working on putting in some kind of feedback feature, in the meantime you can give me feedback on the following archives: FF.net and FanNation, alternatively, you can send me an e-mail at gmb_loves_angel [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Fandom Ship Rating

All I Need [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] All Ages
Violet and Pete talks about the future

And He Remembers [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] All Ages
A little expansion of that scene on the couch

Funny Thing About Airports [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] All Ages
The funny thing about airports? The longer you sit there, the more the noise starts to blend together...

Girl Trouble [Ronon/Jennifer - Stargate Atlantis] All Ages
One late night in the mess hall John and Ronon have a little chat

Homecoming [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] All Ages
Violet returns from her journey, ready to connect with her child

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