I have my fanfics posted several places on the web, but thought it would be nice to also have them available on my personal site as well, just in case. I'm working on putting in some kind of feedback feature, in the meantime you can give me feedback on the following archives: FF.net and FanNation, alternatively, you can send me an e-mail at gmb_loves_angel [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Fandom Ship Rating

Bliss [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
My version of Violet and Pete's wedding, written before the season premiere aired

Dance With Me [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
What if Pete had asked her to dance at Maya's wedding

Dream a Little Dream [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
How would Violet in season one have reacted, had she gotten a sneak peek of her future life?

For Now [Brandon/Andrea - Beverly Hills 90210] Teen
Alternate season four, Brandon and Andrea has to deal with something unexpected

I Wanna be Happy [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
What if Violet hadn't been home when Katie rang her door bell?

Rumor Has It [Castle/Beckett - Castle] Teen
Kate's thoughts and feelings on the press exposure that comes with being Richard Castle's newest muse

So am I [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
My take on what led Pete to kiss Violet that first time

Somewhere to Call Home [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
What if Betsy's situation had had a different outcome

Surfacing [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
My take on how Violet opened up to Pete about her rape, written before she did on the show

The Turner Fluke [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
Violet's book has a whole other consequence...

Too little, Too late [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
Set in the future, Violet runs into an old flame at the grocery store

Unanticipated [Violet/Pete - Private Practice] Teen
When Pete showed up that night sex was the furthest thing from his mind...

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