In the interest of making sure no one out there takes wrongful credit for any of my creations, and to make it easier for my visitors to get in touch with me, I will list my regular [and not so regular] 'haunts' [alphabetically] and the usernames that I go by:

Fanfiction.Net - [Ms Kitten]
I've been a member of this site for years and it's still my number one go-to for fanfiction

FanForum - [smeagolkitten]
I've been a member of this site since 2006 and I've hung out at many of its subforums, seek out my more current show and ship obsessions and you are more likely to find me posting

FanNation - [MissKitten]
This is a fanfiction community run by myself and a few other people, this is another place where you can find my fanfiction apart from this site - [MissKitten]
This is where I first posted all my Firefly fanfiction, I'm not that active here anymore, tho

Showmasters - [misskitten]
I am not the most frequent visitor here, but I do drop by from time to time and make a post or two, especially if I am attending an event

Starfury - [kitten]
This is the convention organizer I primarily use and I've been a member here since 2003. I am most likely to be found posting there right before and after conventions that I am attending

Twitter - [TheMissKitten]
Yes, I tweet and boy do I do a lot of that, this is probably the best way to get in touch with me, even better than e-mailing

Whedonesque - [misskitten]
I'm far from active here, but sometimes I post a comment

Youtube - [mkitten13]
This is my current video channel on youtube, sadly I have come across other channels which have posted videos that I have made, those channels are NOT me

Zelda Dungeon - [misskitten]
I'm a regular poster here, most often found posting in the Mature Discussions

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