I am definitely what you would call an average girl. I hate shopping for clothes, I only own a couple of pairs of shoes [none of them with heels], my purse was bought for pure practical purposes [one room for my wallet, one for my kindle and ipod, one for my 3DS, etc...] nothing else.

If I am to shop, I look for DVDs, gadgets, dragon and television merchendise. The only time I wear make-up is to make my convention photos look decent, and only then I go with the bare necessities - foundation and mascara - maybe a little bit of eye shadow.

I am a nerd, a geek, and proud of it. My addictions are many, but not really harmful - apart from costing a lot of money - and include television shows, movies, dragons, internet, chocolates, conventions, fanfiction, fanvideos, dvd shopping, etc. My gateway drug was Buffy the Vampire Slayer - and things have just spiralled from there.


English isn't my mother tongue, but I have been learning it since the tender age of nine. I was born and raised in Norway and while I fantasise about having a partner who is English [just so that I can read my future kids Harry Potter in English, rather than the horrible Norwegian translations], I intend to keep living here.

I'm now 28 years old, celebrating 15 years of geek-hood [yay!]. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science [which partly came in handy when developing my web-making skills], however I abandoned the IT-business a few years ago in favor of working with the mentally handicapped. Maybe a strange career move, but I'm happy with my work, so don't judge.

Purple is my favorite color, but blue makes a better hair color. It may sound strange, but I feel more like me when my hair is crazy colorful, so I don't intend to give it up, ever. I'll be the crazy mom/aunt/grandma/whatever until I take my dying breath.

I love doing anything artistic, but writing is my biggest passion, especially writing fanfiction. I do have original ideas popping in from time to time, but nothing is more satisfying than 'correcting the wrongs' of my television obsessions, plus it's really satisfying when you play around with an established character in such a way that your readers can visualize it and agree with you. Not only is it great writing training, it also have massive therapeutic value.

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