One of my big hobbies is making videos and below you can find every fan video I have made, even from the embarassing early days [don't judge!] If you are looking for specific pairings, shows or categories, the drop-down boxes will prove to be very helpful.

Fandom Characters Genre

Title: A Mother's Love
Song: "Swan Heart" by Nightwish
Characters: Ensemble
Genre: Tearjerker, Drama, Horror
Fandoms: Miscellaneous
File size: 13.7 Mb
Vidder's Notes:
The story of what a mother is willing to do to save her child. From the movie Dark Water (Japanese original, not the remake) see lyrics

Title: Join Me In Death
Song: "Join Me In Death" by HIM
Characters: Fred/Wesley
Genre: Angst, Tearjerker
Fandoms: Angel
File size: 14.1 Mb

Title: Last Day
Song: "Sleeping Sun" by Nightwish
Characters: Fred/Wesley
Genre: Angst, Tearjerker, Episodic, Romance
Fandoms: Angel
File size: 14.9 Mb

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